What is SIP?

SIP (Promotional Information Service) is a tool offered by Savi to its customers to facilitate them the access to the information of their promotions of "Discount Coupons" or "Promotional Coupons", for their right evaluation, management and analysis, in order to help customers when taking decisions about promotional marketing.


  • Weekly updated information.
  • Personalized and safe access for each user with a password.
  • Easy and intuitive user interface.
  • Reports or documents can be directly downloaded to your computer.
  • Reporting service to notify weekly update of information.
  • Possibility to create powerful reports and personalized queries with the "Dynamic Analysis" using "Business Intelligence" tools (available only in the Professional Version).

Available Modules and Information:

Depending on the kind of information required by the customer, two different versions exists:

  • Professional
  • Smart